How long will it take to get my order?

Allow 4-5 business days on shopping cart T-shirt orders. For bulk and custom orders we will include delivery time in your quote.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept all major credit cards using the Stripe Payment gateway. During checkout you will have the option to leave a copy of your credit card on file for future orders. This is very secure as Stripe actually stores the CC on file. We also accept PayPal and you can pay by check on larger orders and PO's.

Can I track my order?

When we ship your order, you will receive an automated email from our system that will include your tracking number.

Did my order go through?

When you purchase from our shopping cart you will receive an order confirmation email. If you did not get this email, please check your email junk folder. If you cannot find the email, your order might not have gone through. For verification you can contact us directly.

How do I find the right size?

Please checkout our sizing chart: here

How do I provide you with my T-shirt artwork?

We have an online form that artwork and other relative information can be uploaded to us. Click here. (This form accepts Adobe files). We accept any kind of artwork and our sales team will get back to you upon contacting us via the form.

What types of artwork can I give you to design from?

We accept any kind of artwork from a drawing to a digital file tht is ready to go to print.

My artwork needs some additional work. Is there a charge for that?

If its a large order, we will "touch-up" your artwork for free. If its a small order there will be a cost. Our sales team will advise.

I don’t have a design. Is there a charge to make a design for me?

If you see a pre-designed shirt in our shopping cart the design is included in the price.

If its a large order the design will be include in your quote/ price.

If its a custom small order there will be a charge (contact Sales).

What is the minimum number of screen printed shirts I need to order?

We charge separately for the screen and this is a onetime payment, usually less than $100. Once your order details are received (artwork, tee color preference etc.) , our sales team will reply with pricing and we will recommend the best option for the type of printing. For example, screen or DTG.

I work for a University or school, can I pay with a PO?

Yes, we accept PO's

What is Your Return Policy?

Visit our "Returns Policy" by clicking here for full details.

What is your phone number?

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